Health tips for healthy lifestyle


This article speaks about few important health tips for healthy lifestyle. Making some basis changes in your lifestyle and staying active can leave a great effect on your overall health and make you less prone to diseases, avoid unwanted fat accumulation, and stay away from diabetes, heart attack, cholesterol and blood pressure problems to a great extent. These changes will help you attain healthy body, glowing skin and refresh your mood and enhance your immunity. 

Health tips for healthy lifestyle

Lets have a look at certain important health tips for which will help to attain a healthy lifestyle and keep you away from lots of common disease and certain critical health issues also.

  • Start your day with a glass of warm water as it helps in flushing out toxin waste from the body, gives a glowing skin throughout the day. It also helps in weight loss. You can add a dash of lemon extract in the water and make it a detox drink.
  • Try to practice meditation and yoga to cool the mind and calm the body. It helps to recharge the body and replenish the energy to stay active throughout the day.
  • Eat your breakfast within 1 hour of waking up or before 7 am. Breakfast is the most important meal of your day, never skip your breakfast in order to lose weight. It should be the heavier and healthier meal. Drink fresh fruit or a vegetable juice before eating your breakfast, as the body can absorb and digest it easily and it can also reduce the carbs intake of your breakfast. Include protein and healthy carbs food in your breakfast menu.
  • Try to get more of the morning sunlight, as it reduces the risk of vitamin D deficiency. Try to indulge in some morning walk and light exercises like squats, jogging, planks, surya namaskar, breathing exercises and yoga asanas for at least 30 minutes in a day.
  • Consume more of fruits and vegetable to keep lifestyle disease at bay. As per study, at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetable are essential throughout the day. Make your plate more colourful and bright; include rainbow coloured food in your diet. These will help remove free radicals from your body, which are responsible for premature ageing of skin.
  • Munch on some healthy snack at least 2 to 3 times in a day. Keep some nuts and seeds handy, and eat it as a meal between meals.
  • Try to indulge in a variety of food, in a balanced manner. But don’t overeat. Listen to your tummy signals. If u had a full fat lunch, then have a low fat dinner and vice versa.
  • Fill your plate with food which are rich in carbohydrates, fiber and also include whole grain foods.
  • Reduce the intake of saturated fat and increase the unsaturated fat. Opt for food which are boiled, steamed or baked, rather than deep fried and fatty food.
  • Cut back on the intake of salt and sugar from your daily diet.
  • High salt based food increase the risk of high blood pressure and cardio related diseases. Switch to low sodium based salt. Replace salt with spices and herbs to make the food tasty.
  • High sugar intake may increase the blood sugar level and make you diabetic and also make you gain more of unhealthy weight. Replace sugar with jaggery and treat your sweet tooth with natural sweeteners like dates, figs and raisins.
  • Eating at regular intervals is necessary, but limit the portion of your serving. You can include yoghurt, dried fruits, unsalted nuts and seeds, vegetable sticks and fresh fruits.
  • Avoid processed and packaged food, as it add up to the calories and triggers unhealthy weight gain
  • Serve yourself in smaller plates and bowls. Try to use fork instead of spoon. These can trick the brain and give a feeling that you are full and you ate enough.
  • Drink lots of fluid and water throughout the day. At least 2 liters of water every day is required for the body to function normally.
  • Keep moving around. Take the stairs and ditch the elevators. Indulge in lots of physical activities rather than sitting at one place and doing your work. It will help burn extra calories and shed those unwanted body fat.
  • Have a good and sound night time sleep. As per study at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep is required for human body to get charged for the next day and stay fresh and healthy.
  • Do not skip your macro nutrients, as they provide bulk energy to the body. Macro nutrients include 3 major components like protein, fats and carbohydrates. Proteins help repair cell and tissue, create hormones and enzymes and heal wounds of the body. Fats are required to absorb certain essential minerals and vitamins, reduce inflammation and build the cell membranes of the body. Carbohydrates help the body to fetch instant energy to perform the normal task.
  • Micro nutrients constituent of minerals and vitamins. Deficiency or lack of any vitamins or minerals will cause the body to function abnormally. Try to include the micro nutrient food as well in your plate each day.
  • Try to feed yourself with healthy fats. Include monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, as these will lower LDL and triglycerides and improve the cholesterol profile of the body. These fats are termed as good fats. Some of the good fats foods are soya oil, olive oil, canola oil, peanut oil, sunflower oil, avocados, dried nuts, walnuts, flaxseeds, salmon, sardines, etc.
  • Try to avoid or limit the usage of Trans fat and saturated fats. These are termed as bad fats. These can block the arteries and increase bad cholesterol and reduce the good cholesterol in the body. The food which fall under this category are fast food like French fries, deep fried food, packaged pastries and cookies, red meat, etc.
  • Try to eat organic food, which are free from any harsh chemicals, fertilizers and pesticides.
  • Cut back your alcohol intake. Avoid smoking and passive smoking. As these habits spoil the lungs, kidney and heart, thereby leading to chronic disease like cancer and heart attacks and many more.
  • Take proper diet supplements. Include vitamins and minerals in your daily diet. Try to include prebiotics and probiotics food in your daily menu.
  • Some of the prebiotic foods are garlic, onion, leeks, asparagus, bananas, barley, apples, oats, cocoa beans, flax seeds, wheat bran, etc. These foods have a special kind of fiber which support the digestive system and acts as a fertilizer for good gut bacteria and also aid in boosting the immunity system of the body. Try to consume these in raw form as the cooking might alter the fibre content in it.
  • Some examples of probiotics food are yoghurt, pickles, certain cheese like swiss , parmesan, gouda, and cheddar cheese. These food helps develop good gut bacteria

Move around with healthy people and follow a healthy life style routine. Have a positive attitude towards life to stay healthy and fit. Click here to know more about how to do Surya Namaskar 

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