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Tips, tricks, home remedies and lifestyle suggestions for healthy weight loss

35 tips and tricks for Healthy Weight Loss

There are lots of methods and diet to lose weight. Losing weight cannot happen overnight. It requires some of the key ingredients like eating right, physical activity and yes of course, patience, which will gradually help reduce weight in a healthy manner.

Tips for Healthy Weight Loss are :

1. Never skip breakfast. Having healthy first meals makes you feel full and maintain the energy level
2. Try to cut back on sugar intake as much as possible. If required add little honey or any natural sweetener
3. Start your day with warm water lemon and honey and a dash of cinnamon powder
4. Drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water throughout the day to keep yourself hydrated
5. Regular work outs, walking and staying active all day long, which might involve normal house hold chores as well, will help you shed few extra fats from your body
6. Eat enough healthy food, so that the metabolism rate of your body doesn’t fall down
7. Never go for shopping on empty stomach, as this might tempt you on munching fast food and junk food
8. Try to drink warm water throughout the day. Regularly sipping hot water helps in flushing out toxin substance from the body
9. Include green tea or lemon tea, without any sugar or milk at least once or twice a day
10. Try to eat with fork and small spoons and serve yourself in the smaller plates
11. Chew your food and mix it well with your saliva, it helps digest the food fast and make you eat less.
12. Drink a glass full of water 30 minutes before your meals to make you give a feeling of fullness
13. Eat food which has less carbohydrates and less fat content
14. Have a protein rich food, as it gives a fuller feeling, and the body takes long time to break down protein substances, hence you feel full for long time
15. Try to eat your food slowly, as it will make you satisfied even with little quantity of food
16. Place healthy snacks at your reach, so that you can eat it between meals. It becomes a healthy meal-between-meals option
17. Munch on nuts like almonds, groundnut, pistachios to kill those hunger pangs
18. The key to healthy weight loss is by keeping your body stress free and mind calm. Try out some meditation and breathing exercises
19. Have a sound and good sleep, as it gives the body enough strength to deal with daily routine with less stress, prevents depression and heals the body faster. Sleep for at least 6 to 8 hours
20. Eat in a balanced way, if one meal is big and full, try to cut your other meal of the day
21. Include lots of fruits, vegetable, nuts, legumes, sprouts and whole grains in your daily food intake
22. Avoid deep fried food and junks; instead switch to steamed or baked options. You can opt for baked potatoes instead of French fries
23. Include or switch over to brown rice instead of white rice, as brown rice is packed with lots of health benefits
24. Try to indulge in boiled, roasted or grilled food instead of deep fried food. This will reduce the calories intake
25. Top up your food with spices like cinnamon, lemon, dried herbs, flax seeds and roasted cumin seeds to shed those extra kilos of flab from your body
26. While eating out, try to wear tight fitted clothes, tight belts, so that you don’t overeat, as the tightness gives signal to the brain that you are full.
27. Before going out, try to eat some healthy snacks, which will help you to avoid over eating.
28. Do strength training exercise at least 2 times a week, to increase the metabolism rate of your body
29. Indulge in small walking regime whenever and wherever possible to remain active
30. It’s better to set small goals, so that once you accomplish those you can reward and pamper yourself and get geared up for the next goals
31. Eat whole fruits rather than fruit juices. The fiber in the whole fruit helps digest the food, whereas the fruit juice starts accumulating lots of sugar in the body
32. Include cayenne pepper in your food. It helps to boost metabolism and also reduces cravings for your sweet tooth
33. Try to finish lots of your task while moving, rather than sitting at one place, also use stair case more often and ditch the elevators
34. Try to stand quite often rather than sitting at your workplace for long hours
35. Avoid processed food as they slow down the weight loss process by hitting on the metabolism rate

By following these simple tips and tricks of Healthy Weight Loss, you are taking a healthy step towards shedding those extra kilos and unwanted fat from your body, and also not losing on the energy level of the body. Click here to know about health benefits of quinoa.

Ask your doubts and share your tried and tested remedies in comments section below, we will submit it to our expert panel and publish if found correct and relevant.


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