Home remedy for cough and cold

Treating common cold and cough with home remedies is free from many side effects. In this article, we will talk about Home remedies for cold and cough for infants. Lot of people across the globe believe in treating simple cold and cough using the traditional tried and tested age old methods.

Home remedies for cold and cough for infants

Home remedies for infants and new born babies need to be gentle and soothing. One should apply them cautiously and ensure they are working well before repeating. Give one remedy at a time, don’t try to use all methods in one go, as it takes some time for the body to respond to any medicine. Each baby may be different. What works well for one baby, may not work well for another. Sometime they may develop allergy towards that remedy. These remedies can be used for mild cold and cough, sore throat or blocked nostrils. If it is severe, then it’s better to consult the pediatrician.

Lets look at some home remedies for cold and cough for infants –

  1. Breast-milk is loaded with lots of antibodies to fight off common virus and bacteria. So babies under 6 months can recover from common cold and cough through breast-milk itself. Breast-milk is considered to be one of the most nutritious and immunity building substance.
  2. Turmeric can work wonders as well. Burn a piece of dried turmeric off candle and let the baby to breathe the smoke of the burnt turmeric pod.
  3. Camphor infused coconut oil massage can be done on baby’s chest and feet during the night. A pinch of camphor should be added to warm oil and lightly massage the baby.
  4. Grate a small piece of ginger and boil it in a cup of water. Allow the concoction to cool, strain it with a filter and give 2 teaspoon to kids before bed time.
  5. Basil or Tulsi leaves concoction also helps relieve common cold and cough. Boil few roughly chopped basil leaves, filter the water and give kids 2 teaspoons, thrice a day.
  6. Rubbing ajwain and garlic bundle (potli) on baby’s chest can help remove congestion. Make a bundle with garlic pods and ajwain or carom seeds. Tie it nicely and place it on hot plate (tawa) to warm it up. Check the temperature of the bundle before applying on the baby’s chest. Test the heat by placing the bundle on your wrist before applying it to baby.
  7. Saffron dots helps in absorbing accumulated water from baby’s forehead. To make kesar or saffron dot, rub few strands of it on rough stone pad along with few drops of water to make a paste. Apply that paste as a dot on baby’s forehead and feet during night time.
  8. Honey helps soothe irritated throat. A spoonful of honey can be given to kids above 1 year of age in the night to relieve the cough
  9. Eucalyptus oil also helps in relieving cold. Dip a cotton ball with some nilgiri or eucalyptus oil and place it in the baby’s room or add a few drops of oil in diffuser to help baby sleep peacefully.
  10. Warm mustard oil infused with garlic pods can be rubbed on the nose, palms, chest and feet of the baby to give relief from cold, cough and congestion.
  11. Nasal saline drops can be given twice a day to the baby to help clear blocked nose.
  12. Increasing the fluid intake and warm soups can give relief from congestion. Add a pinch of cinnamon powder to the soup to make it more effective.
  13. Raise baby’s head while sleeping by placing a soft pillow or towel to keep his head elevated, so that the baby can breathe easy. This is a very useful trick to help the baby breathe during blocked nose.
  14. Use humidifier to add moisture in the air. This will help in dry cough and helps baby breathe easy.
  15. Carrot juice is another effective remedy for treating cold and cough. Make fresh extract of carrot juice and dilute with the pre-boiled and cooled water and offer this to babies above 6 months.

However consult your pediatrician before giving any medication to babies below 6 months of age, when there is severe cough with too thick and yellowish phlegm, high fever, or difficulty in breathing. Click here to know about detox drinks for healthy weight loss

Ask your doubts and share your tried and tested remedies in comments section below, we will submit it to our expert panel and publish if found correct and relevant.


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