Healthy weight loss using herbs

Explore how certain medicinal properties can help you in achieving healthy weight loss using herbs

Herbs for healthy weight loss

Herbs and spices are a good way to add taste and flavour to your food. They not only enhance the taste of the food, but also help in cutting down on sugar / salt, and add calories. They equally satisfy your taste buds due to the distinct flavour and aroma. The spices and herbs helps in enhancing the metabolism function of the body and hence the fat gets burnt more quickly resulting in weight loss.

How herbs help in healthy weight loss

Most of herbs have certain properties that are medicinal and / or nutritional in nature. Regular consumption of these herbs and spices over a period of time positively impacts your body functions. So lets explore properties of 5 such ingredients that can result in healthy weight loss using herbs in part 1 of this series.


Dandelions are rich in dietary fiber, vitamin K1, minerals and antioxidants. It contains beta-carotene, which fights free radicals and also protects the liver. Dandelion is known for slowing down the digestive process, and makes you feel full for longer time, thereby making you less prone to overeating and maintain a healthy weight. It prevents the absorption of fat molecules, due to its rich fiber content. The antioxidant present in it helps you trace down the harmful oxygen radicals and flush it out from the body.


Rosemary is a perennial herb with green needle like structured leaves. It is a rich source of lipase enzymes, which is responsible for breaking down the fat molecules in the body. Rosemary is rich in fiber content, which prevents fat absorption and increases the time span after which you start feeling hungry again and also helps in improving digestion and enhancing the metabolism rate of the body and thus, reducing the feeling of being bloated. It also helps in flushing out the toxin waste from the colon. You can sprinkle on food or consume it in the form of rosemary tea.

Neem leaves

Neem has lots of medicinal values and is also known as ‘magical herb’, rich in antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. It aids in weight loss by boosting metabolism and reducing inflammation. It enhances the blood circulation too. Like Rosemary, Neem also assists the body in flushing out toxin waste from the body.

Fenugreek seeds

Fenugreek seeds (methi), is widely used to treat obesity, constipation, inflammation and polycystic ovarian syndrome and also reduces the risk of PCOD. It is helpful in lowering the bad cholesterol in the body. Fenugreek is natural detoxification agent and it reduces obesity which is caused by inflammation and stress. There were some findings during research on fenugreek seeds to control diabetes which shows that fenugreek seeds increase adiponectin levels, which is hormone responsible for weight loss.


The hibiscus herb is store house of lots of nutrients, flavonoids and minerals that helps the body to reduce the absorption of fats and carbohydrates in the body, which in turns leads to proper weight management. The diuretic property helps in shedding the water weight of the body. When regularly consumed, the hibiscus extract can help you reduce the body’s fat percentage, hip to waist ratio and also reduce the waist circumference. You can make hibiscus tea and consume 2 – 3 times a day.

Follow a healthy diet and proper exercise routine along with these herbs to reduce weight in a healthy way. We will share properties of more such herbs and tasty ways to consume them in part 2 of this series to help you achieve healthy weight loss using herbs. Click here to view see some tips on healthy weight loss.

Ask your doubts and share your tried and tested remedies in comments section below, we will submit it to our expert panel and publish if found correct and relevant.


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